Jamieson Daley,
Passionate Jamaican Cinematographer and Video Editor.
but a visual EXPERIENCE never to be forgotten.

Services We Offer

videography  Cinematography:

My definition is: The art of photography applied to film making. This encapsulates everything from creative concepts, composition, lighting, balance, and capturing the action and beauty of the moment from a desired perceptive.

macVideo Editing:

This is where a big part of the magic happens! I take filmed content (preferably my own) and turn that content into a pleasurable viewing experience. Using a suite of professional classed software, I apply my gift of creativity and edit/direct the contents of the production into a final work of art.

Services_MotionGraphics   Motion Graphics & VFX:

   Implementation of Graphics and Visual effects in video, which is created and manipulated to compliment any filmed content captured.

compassConceptual Design:

Design is a part of everything in LIFE. Video production is a collection of ARTS culminated to produce a final completed EXPERIENCE. Like most art, VISION AND DESIGN are a vital part of the process, especially when creating a story experience through our videos.

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About Jamieson

Welcome to my website. This is not your typical video production website. This is where I get a chance to pass on what video production, my passion, means to me.

For over a decade, I have been filming and creating videos for myself and sometimes friends. In late 2012, I decided that this passion would be my way of life. I made the decision to no longer keep  this talent bottled up and isolated to my own personal life, but offer it as a service to anyone who seeks it. Since starting this chapter, I have worked with many clients from around the world, all of whom, without exception have expressed their pleasure with my production standards, and have stated that I have more than exceeded their expectations, even more so when keeping in mind the limited resources and budgetary constraints for many of these projects.

If you must know I have a degree in Computer Science and Digital Media. Outside of that, I am blessed with the gift of creativity, and sense of adventure that allows me to immerse myself in any live setting enabling me to capture the shot. I also posses the ability to compose and edit video concepts that often surprise and exceed expectations of my clients.

We Only Use The Best Software

Rated as High End Professional Grade Software. Accepted and recognized as industry standard Internationally, this collection is considered to be the best video editing tools available. We are proud to say that we are capable of fully utilizing this suite, which unleashes unlimited potential for projects. The only limitation is the human imagination.


Want to Donate!?

I love creating videos! Whether it be capturing a moment, documenting my life and home island Jamaica, or  even telling a story fictional or not. This is my passion and this is what I love to do for a living.

It is an unfortunate thing that the tools for video production require the most expensive equipment compared to any other art form. Thus far i have settled with what I consider ok on a professional level. However I am miles apart from where I could be when looking at first world productions. I definitely will grow as I go along, but if any of my fans decide they want to help me in this journey, I have provided an easy solution below.

Thank you in advance to anyone who donates, or not. I appreciate everyone who loves my work!